What to Expect from your Consultation & Treatment

Your first consultation will last about 1.5 hours, giving you time to fully describe your primary complaint, and allowing me to capture all the information I need to give you your first treatment. Subsequent sessions will be about an hour long, and your progress will be thoroughly reviewed at every appointment.

I will also review your medical history and any medical tests that you have had for your problem. If you haven’t had any, I may suggest that your doctor carries out relevant tests or refers you for scans. This is because sometimes a western medicine perspective is needed to inform the diagnosis and get the best outcome for the client.

Diagnosis and treatment will also take into account other aspects of your health besides your main complaint because, although you may not realise it, you probably have other symptoms that are related. (In other words, several related things may be slightly out of whack and putting them all back into whack delivers a better and longer lasting result.) So, in addition to questions about your main complaint, be prepared for others that may not seem related at all. And by discussing your signs and symptoms I aim to help you better understand (and then manage) your own health.

Lastly, I will support whatever your needs and aspirations may be; some clients only want to use alternative medicine, while others want to use it alongside western treatments. The decision is yours; I can only advise, and support your decision.

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