Freedom from Pain

“I went to Mairi with really bad back pain which started after I was knocked off my motorbike by a car.  My back was so sore it was affecting my work which involves lifting. I had stopped taking painkillers because I didn’t find them very helpful, and I don’t like to use them anyway.  After the first treatment I felt less stiff but the pain was much the same. I think Mairi changed what she did because after the second treatment the pain completely went.” Donal, Meath, 2013

“I had been off work for several weeks with pain and stiffness in my right shoulder and neck. The pain started after a bad fall and hadn’t really got much better after my GP gave me 2 steroid injections. After a few treatments the pain and stiffness had mostly gone, but it still felt a little numb.  That too disappeared after more treatment and I was able to get back to work.”  Declan, Meath, 2013

“I went to see Mairi because I had back pain for about 4 years.  The problem started a few years before with a bulging disc for which I had surgery.  It was OK for a while after the operation but gradually it got so painful and stiff that I couldn’t even bend to put my socks on, and painkillers didn’t really seem to help. I had about 5 treatments with Mairi and I have to say I feel fantastic now.”  James, Meath 2014


“I had been suffering from work related stress which developed into an anxiety disorder. I was finding it hard to sleep or eat and when I had meetings at work I felt nausea and was very on edge, my confidence was knocked and I would go home every evening with headaches. These constant feelings of anxiety would prevent me from doing the things I love and work became a chore. I found the Root and Branch Acupuncture Clinic online and I emailed Mairi. I got an immediate response and booked an appointment that night. I was very nervous on the day of my appointment, with my anxiety anything new or out of my ‘habit’ was nerve racking, however within 5 minutes of meeting Mairi, I was completely at ease, she talked me through the process and we filled in a profile so she could understand the issues i was trying to address. The clinic was so relaxing and Mairi is extremely attentive to her clients. The treatment was pain free and the effects of the treatment were instant. I slept very well that night and my whole system had relaxed. I visited the clinic 5 times and Mairi worked on my headaches and digestive system. I was more at ease with work stress and I started eating properly so I had more energy and no headaches. Mairi also thought me breathing techniques which I use on a daily basis in my work meetings. Mairi is always there if I need a ‘top up’ of relaxation and the treatment and care I recieved was exceptional. I recommend Mairi’s treatment without reservation. She has helped me turn a crippling feeling upside down and I am a much happier, contented person.” Margaret, Co Westmeath.

“I found Mairi to be a very sensitive and intuitive therapist. At the time I attended I was unsure of my diagnosis but the treatments were very good at relieving my symptoms of back pain and stiffness. The sessions I had were very helpful to reduce stress and to help relieve mobility issues I was having, Mairi was willing to explore various angles and was flexible in her approach. Her consulting room is comfortable and private. Overall my treatment was a very positive experience.” Deirdre, Meath

Woman’s health: fertility, pregnancy and menopause

“Acupuncture with Mairi has been instrumental in helping me to conceive my second child. I am four months pregnant now. There were times I thought it would never happen again for us. We were fed up and getting very frustrated. We had lots of tests carried out but everything showed up normal. So I decided to give acupuncture a try. Thank God I did. Even talking to Mairi before and during trestment, puts you at ease. You always feel like you are talking to someone who really cares and is genuinely focused on helping you in any way she can. She is extremely thorough and you know that she firmly believes in the practice of acupuncture. I got pregnant almost straight away. I’m still in shock! I continued to go up until 12 weeks for my own peace of mind and for the attention and great feeling you get after a treatment. I would wholeheartedly recommend acupuncture with Mairi. I’ll be forever grateful to her.” Barbara, Co. Meath, 2013-14

“I went to Mairi as I have epilepsy and suffer from grand mal seizures. I also wanted to have a baby. I found acupuncture with Mairi very helpful. It was very relaxing and I felt great after every session. I also became pregnant a few weeks later. I would really recommend Mairi and acupuncture.” Anna Walsh, Navan, 2013

“My baby was also breach towards the end of the pregnancy. Mairi advised of two treatments. Firstly a moxibustion treatment to turn the breech baby, which was carried out over a periods of 10 days. Within days of this treatment my baby had turned. Amazing! Thankfully avoiding the need for the caesarean my consultant was mentioning! The second treatment was ‘pre-birth acupuncture treatment’. Mairi advised that this treatment promotes a healthy and natural birth by preparing the cervix and pelvis for labour. This treatment was simple and relaxing and worked brilliantly. Although overdue by 13 days, I delivered my baby girl (8lbs 5oz) within 10 hours and the whole day turned out to be an enjoyable experience (contrary to what I believed childbirth to be)! I can’t thank Mairi enough for her great work. I continue to attend Mairi for the treatment of migraines something I should have done years ago! I would highly recommend pregnant ladies to get this pre birth treatment, as the stress free delivery helps both mum and baby.” Michelle, Navan 2011

“I first came to Mairi experiencing the end of a miscarriage which had started at 8 weeks. It was my second child and like the first it had been difficult to conceive because I have been diagnosed with PCOS, which means that my cycles are very irregular. The fertility clinic I had been attending advised me to keep trying and to find an acupuncturist to help regulate my cycles. On Mairi’s advice I changed my diet and began to lose weight at a rate of about 2lbs per week. Within 3 months of starting treatment I was pregnant again. At 6 weeks I had some bleeding and was concerned I would have another miscarriage but Mairi changed the treatment to stop the bleeding and the pregnancy continued without problem. I delivered a healthy baby boy at term and was delighted with my treatment!” Karen, Meath 2009-10

Auto-immune and Inflammatory Conditions

“I have been attending Mairi’s practice on an ongoing basis as I have a chronic inflammatory condition called Psoriatic Arthritis. I use an injection for the condition but I want to minimize my dependence on strong drugs so I have tried every natural treatment and approach available. The most successful treatment b y far for my condition is Acupuncture, however the secret ingredient is without question the skill of the practitioner. Mairi is a gifted and extremely dedicated practitioner, she took a personal approach to treating me and I felt that she was on my journey with me to find answers and solutions to living with my condition. I believe that I will eventually completely give up Embrel and use only Acupuncture to treat my condition, such has been the relief and benefit I have enjoyed from Acupuncture.” Mick D Meath

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